Salon Blow

I'm Cussin Tales From Behind The Chair...Salon Sh!t...

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From the mind of Celebrity Hairstylist Keshia Webb, is the chromatic seven short stories, chronicling the relationships she has formed with her clientele over a twenty-year span. I’m Cussin is the debut of the tell-all series, which leaves its readers in awe for more salon secrets. Keshia takes us along the journey as she gives us a vivid peek into her life as a stylist. The stories, told as raw and they were lived, are guaranteed to leave her readers laughing, crying and connected to the women in the book. Whether it’s the corporate boss chick or the Dirty Grandma, any woman who’s ever visited a salon can relate! Keshia, who has been a trailblazer in the hair industry, is now using her creative genius to captivate audiences both you and old. I’m Cussin guarantees you’re truly in for a ride!

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