SalonBlow is dedicated to inspire and create fabulous hair. Our focus is on making you feel as fabulous as possible with our wig collection. Providing the best service and expertise to create the look and style that best fits your needs.

Meet The Artist Keshia Webb

Keshia styles you from the inside out it's not a secret she's obsessed with enhancing your beauty leaving you feeling fabulous.

As a celebrity hairstylist and extensions artist for over 20 years, Keshia is well sought after and in high demand in both Los Angeles and Houston for her unique innovative techniques to work with extensions that have been featured on the pages of Hype Hair, Black Hair, Passion, Braids, and Beauty magazines just to name a few. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry which provide her with the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes of many reality TV shows, concerts, and sitcoms, Basketball Wives being her most recent.

Keshia is so creative she has transformed her techniques into units so that you may enjoy your styles for longer than the wearable time of a quick weave or sew in.

Let SalonBlow be the destination that brings out the beauty in you, leaving you Feeling Fabulous!